NEW (april 2012) Antila 24.

Let us put it simple: Antila 24 is a great yacht. It’s not too big and not too small – because of its stability perfect for sailors who have less experience.  The lenght od the deck – 24 feet will allow you easy manouvers in every marina on Masurian Lakes.



If you want to sail with four, five or even six crew members, and some of them are big guys, Antila 24 will allow you comfort sailing. But from many advantages of this yacht, we can not forget to mention that Antila 24 is great value. It gives even the students the chance to explore Masurian Lakes. The new yacht Antila 24 is awaiting you orders, captain!




Antila 24

  • Overall length 718cm
  • Overall width 278 cm
  • Weight 1900 kg
  • Cabin Height 180 cm
  • Draft 35-138 cm
  • Sails 27 m2
  • Mainsail 17.5 m2
  • Foresail 9.5 m2
  • Engine 6 km
  • Crew max. 8 (comf. 6 )
  • CE certificate


Each of our yachts is fully equiped with additional gear:

  • cooking gear for eight people (plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups, etc.)
  • Radio, CD, MP3
  • Watertank 30l
  • Masurian Lake District map
  • axe
  • tent
  • life jackets
  • and much more…


Do not hesitate and check out how to make a reservation!